Drag Powered

about Kiara

You may know me as Kiara, but I was born Dimitri Nana-Côté, in Gaspé on July 28th 1998. Growing up in Quebec City, I was always drawn to arts, and the stage was my no.1 outlet to express my creativity. From dancing, to music, to theatre and improv, I developed many skills just for the fun of performing and entertaining. I discovered drag through the legendary show called « RuPaul’s Drag Race » at a place in my life where I was looking for other queer people like me. When I was old enough, I started going out in gay bars to find this sense of sisterhood I was witnessing on the little screen. Seeing drag shows for the first time lit a fire in me and a desire to combine my queerness, my love for the stage and my passion for the art of transformation, so that one day i could become a drag queen.
I practiced alone in my room for about a year, and when I felt ready, Kiara came to life. Around the same time in 2017, I moved to Montreal to pursue my studies in film production. Show after show, competition after competition, my obsession for drag grew stronger and stronger, overtaking my love for filmmaking. In summer 2019, I decided to quit my retail job and to drop out of school to focus on this career, having for one and only goal to make it a full time job. A few months later, I got selected to be on the first season of Canada’s Drag Race, a show that boosted my career to an other level. From « En français s’il-vous-plait ? », to « Kiki Wanna Kai Kai », to my « I Drove All Night » lip-synch for your life, I created my stamp in the world of, and it’s only going uphill from here.